miércoles, 22 de mayo de 2013

i feel like no one will ever feel sorrow for me... i just want to die i mean i dont ask for something else


just a fuck up

actually... i just need to cry maybe a bit too much, i just need it, need someone who can hug me while i cry and tell me that i dont have to worry because they will be beside me every time i need someone, but that wont happen, ever ever, so i cant cry right now because i am at class and alone above all but.. i really need it i cant stand their laughs while im fucking depressed and nobody can realize it, I MEAN ISN'T IT OBVIOUS? assholes


Omg seriously I can't wait to this fucking high school to end, I'm getting so tired of people, sometimes I even start to hate myself all because of them I mean if I controled my feelings and all that stuff I wouldn't start to think and get to this point, but of course I can't control anything of me, jesus fucking christ i hope they all burn in hell if it does exist or just die painfully i dont even care just die..